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Sten Gun Mark III Model/Replica VCR Act Governed
Price: 295.00 GBP  
Postage Cost: 30.00
Condition: Used
Postage Details: UK Special Delivery/Parcel

Sten Gun Mark III Model/Replica VCR Act Governed

This is a full size all metal Sten Mark III with no markings whatsoever.
The spring is no longer present and the circular dimpled disc that was pushed back against the bolt to retain the skeletal stock is also missing-therefore the stock is not afixed as although it is flanged and locks onto the bottom portion the dimpled disc is the retention method.
Initially thought this may be a deact however speaking to Holts Auctioneers they say that as there are no markings and that the magazine is stuck fast this is an indicator that this is a replica rather than a deact as they made the magazines/magazine well slightly smaller so you had to use theirs!
Therefore the magazine is crimped and in effect jammed in place.
The bolt does cycle and is activated by the trigger and is removable.
A very authentic worn/used replica sten that may have even been used by the film industry/theatrical.

Sold soley as per VCR act regulations ie for museum display/reenactor-proof required.

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