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Rare Model Replica KOKUSAI Thompson 1928A SMG
Price: 895.00 GBP  
Postage Cost: 30.00
Condition: Used
Postage Details: UK Delivery

Rare Model Replica KOKUSAI Thompson 1928A SMG

Here is a rare KOKUSAI Thompson 1928A Sub Machine Gun replica Model.
I understand Kokusai did not make these for long hence they are very scarce.
This has had a life-general scuffs and sratches as per photo-unsure if there was a further disc around the cocking knob as this appears to be an odd shape, the rear elevated sight has one of the threaded screw holders missing its top portion(broken off)so the thereaded screw for adjustment can come out on the one side.
The barrel/foregrip are a bit wobbly other than that a nice unmessed with example of a rare item.

The action cocks and dry fires, the stock is removable by a spring loaded button on the top behind the receiver.
I understand it would field strip but I have never tried.
Very heavy and is sold in accordance with VCR act and must have proof of use for reenactor or museum etc.
Overseas buyers must accept responsibility for export/import costs and legalities.

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